One of the most unpleasant procedures for the General Aviation private pilots when arriving at the AENA airports is the obligation to go to the operations offices in order to pay for the tariffs and especially since a flight plan can be arranged online. To avoid this procedure, AENA has created a virtual POS terminal that allows you to pay for the tariffs without leaving your aircraft.

If you do not have a customer account, payment at AENA airports must be done in person at the operations office (ARO office). This must be done every time you land at one of the AENA airports, even if it is just for refueling and fly again.

The new app Icaro, which allows you to submit a flight plan via smartphone, and which provides you with many applications to study the meteorology, leaves tariffs payment as the only task that obliges you to go to the operations office (ARO). Sometimes, these offices are located far from the General Aviation platforms (e.g. Sevilla and León airports). In addition, you will have to pay for the handling service at those airports where this service is compulsory (see our new section HANDLING). For these reasons, the new virtual POS terminal is a extremely important tool.

It is an easy procedure: you will have to call from your aircraft to the operations office at the airport and ask for the tariffs. Then, they will send you an email with the corresponding invoice. Your smartphone will allow you to access to the virtual POS terminal on AENA website. There, you can pay for the tariffs.

This option of paying for the tariffs of the airport online is a tool that will make it easier for the pilots their visits to AENA airports network.